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The Power of Positive Aging

Successfully Coping with the Inconveniences of Aging

By David Lereah, PhD

$15.95 US/Trade Paperback/296 pages/ISBN 978-1-61035-360-1

Available from AmazonBarnes & NobleIndieBound, and Quill Driver Books


Live your best life at ANY AGE.

The odds are you'll live much longer than your expect and for far longer than you've prepared for. Growing older inevitably means aches, pains, and physical and mental challenges. But these are only inconveniences when you develop a positive mindset about aging.

Stage 3 cancer survivor David Lereah says that the extra years at the end of your life are not a burden, but a gift and an extraordinary adventure. In his new book, The Power of Positive Aging, offers a practical guide to successfully cope with the physical and mental decline that accompanies aging. An easy-to-follow program of mental and spiritual exercises instructs readers in how to develop mindfulness and acceptance, along with strategies for pursuing a balanced life and seeking and accepting social support.

Written with warmth and compassion, The Power of Positive Aging encourages readers to not be afraid of aging but to celebrate their aging selves. Dr. Lereah demonstrates how simple lifestyle modifications will transform your everyday life, helping you to live more joyfully for the rest of your years.

Growing older can be the best part of living when you embrace the power of positive aging.

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The 2021 A Community Thrives fundraising challenge is complete! Nearly 700 organizations participated in this year’s challenge to become eligible for more than $2,000,000 in grants from USA TODAY NETWORK and the Gannett Foundation. 
United We Age is very thankful for the donors who made it possible to be eligible for the match.


PRESS RELEASE: May 25, 2021

Contact: Jillian Guerra, Speak2

Contact: Joe Wilson, United We Age



United We Age and Speak2 launch “Stay In Touch” to provide Amazon Alexa to connect Aging Adults


Facilitating communication to help prevent isolation and vulnerability


Newark, NJ (May 25, 2021) - Speak2 is pleased to announce our partnership with United We Age to bring Amazon Echo Shows to aging adults living independently and in senior living communities in Florida. In a world overrun by smart devices and screen-obsessed people, Speak2, an Amazon Business Partner, and United We Age, a nonprofit organization supporting older adults, provide an outlet for aging adults to connect with them.


United We Age launches a bold, new initiative— Stay in Touch—to enhance seniors' lives with technology. Their mission is to inspire a movement where all generations of people are more aware and supportive of people aging. Age should not be a barrier to seniors participating in the online (internet) world. ​


This exciting partnership enables seniors to communicate and receive services through an Alexa device in their home. They can ask for assistance, get information, and communicate with family and friends, all through Alexa. Matt Smith, C.E.O. for Speak2 points out; “Seniors struggle with screens and phones. Together with United We Age, we plan to reach as many screen-challenged people as possible to connect them with their community.” By enabling seniors to use their voice instead of dealing with screens, the daily interaction level goes up, increasing confidence and engagement. These interactions positively impact quality of life and wellness.


“We are thrilled to launch our program with Speak2 as a partner,” says David Lereah, President of United We Age. “We are impressed by Amazon’s Echo Show devices and we’ve seen how they can improve the lives of seniors. Our goal is for America’s senior population to join the technology revolution by assuring that every aging adult has access to the internet through voice-activated technology devices like Alexa.”


There are millions of seniors living at home or residing in senior living communities, who have little social support, and many of them are financially and/or health challenged. Many seniors are increasingly isolated due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Stay in Touch program gives seniors instant access to video chats with family/friends, music, family photos, real-time news, online games, and interaction with healthcare providers, and so on.


Research has shown that it is far easier for seniors to learn to use smart speakers and voice technology than to use screen-based devices (Telecompetitor). It’s simple to ask Alexa for things like the weather, news, video calls, or sports scores – this habit can be extended to more personal requests with Speak2 Family. For instance, to send a message through Alexa, Seniors say “Alexa, tell Speak2 to send a message.” 


The United We Age-Speak2 Family solution can be used no matter what the senior’s living environment – in a private home or apartment, independent living community, assisted living facility, or long-term nursing center. This partnership makes it easy for people to adopt useful technology like voice-driven interfaces to drive better outcomes.






About Speak2:

Speak2 changes the way aging adults connect with their screen-obsessed family, friends, and caregivers. We provide accessibility to an entire ecosystem by using the technology that is most comfortable to the person using it. Speak2 allows people to send and receive messages, manage reminders and activities, consume information, and gain assistance in the most natural way possible. A simple user interface is provided to the entire community of trust, making it possible for people to effortlessly engage and share the information they need. Whether by voice, app, web, or assistive smart technology, Speak2 brings people together. For more information please visit


About United We Age:

United We Age is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to assure social support for older people facing quality of life challenges due to aging, especially older people living alone. Our Friends for Seniors program offers seniors in need, social support. The program allows us to bring a personal touch to seniors by directly providing them with some outside friendly contact as well as birthday and holiday cards, gifts (e.g., clothing and toiletries), and other essentials to let them know they are not forgotten and alone. Our Stay in Touch program offers voice-activated technology devices and initial set up/installation from volunteers, featuring Amazon’s Echo Show, to the senior population. The program offers older adults a window into how technology can enrich their lives, providing them the opportunity to communicate from their place of residency and/or care facility.

Friends On A Walk

How Prepared Are You To Grow Old?

Many of us over 50 are now experiencing the challenges of aging and it is a journey that becomes more difficult with time.

Take our quiz and see how your score. 

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