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Storytime with Grandpa

Life Stories Program

Too often we only know older people as they are today, failing to recognize that each person is a sum of the experiences which make up his or her life. Senior citizens would love to share their
amazing stories and adventures with their children and grandchildren, and even the public.

A life story is powerful for aging baby boomers and the elderly who have a span of life to consider, a legacy to leave family. Many senior citizens seek ‘meaning’ in their twilight years, telling their story, and displaying it to family, friends, and the general public. It is a formal acknowledgement that their lives were meaningful in some way.


Everybody has a history!


According to national surveys, 74 percent of people say family stories and keeping family histories is the most important part of their legacy. Life stories satisfy a need for people to immortalize their lives.


We call our Life Stories program: Everybody Has a History. As Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers fame)once said: "Your story is your history; everybody has a history. No one’s story is exactly thesame.” Everybody Has a History is a two-to-three page life story.


Our volunteers will sit and interview the seniors and write their life story. We can even interview seniors remotely.


We follow this outline:

  • Early Years

  • School Years

  • Adult Years

  • Retirement Years

  • Reflection

Your life story can be shared with family and friends. We can also share it with the public by placing the life story on our United We Age Life Story pages, so that the life story is immortalized forever.


Our Life Story Program is being offered to residents at senior living facilities, residents living in 55+ communities, and any older adult that wishes to tell their story. There is no cost to participate in this program. Our volunteers are happy to bring your story to life.

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