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Inspire a movement where all generations of people are more aware and supportive of people aging.

Assure that every person experiencing quality of life decline due to aging has a social support network, especially people living alone.

Assure that age is not a barrier to seniors participating in the online (internet) world

Inspire a movement that affects changes in cultural beliefs and attitudes to make America a more age-friendly nation.

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United We Age launches a bold, new initiative to enhance seniors' lives with technology-- our Stay in Touch program. Our

program offers voice-activated technology devices and initial set up/installation and ongoing guidance from volunteers, featuring Amazon’s Echo Show™, to the senior population residing in the United States.
The program offers older adults a window into how technology can enrich their lives, providing them the opportunity to communicate from their place of residency and/or care facility.


The program offers Echo Show devices at no cost to seniors in need (via donations), while offering Echo Show devices to financially able seniors at a UWA quantity discount.

•    The program’s outreach includes seniors residing in senior care facilities as well as stay at home seniors.
•    Seniors can place video and audio calls to family and friends.
•    Seniors can open their world to the internet, playing music, displaying family photos, listening, and reading real time news, and so on.

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The Power of Positive Aging

Our goal is to introduce the practice of positive aging to seniors. A positive mindset is a necessary condition for living a joyful life in our senior years. To purchase our book click here:



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Fundraising Letter

​Dear Friend,

I am pleased to announce the launch of United We Age, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established to serve the senior citizen population.

The 65+ population in the U.S. is poised to grow to over 70 million from 40 million over the next several decades. Life-threatening diseases are set to double in cases over the same period, heightening the need for expanded societal support of our senior citizen population.

Many seniors face serious obstacles as they age in a forever young society where attitudes favor youthfulness over aging. Many seniors are ashamed/embarrassed to display the marks of aging in a society where wrinkles are ugly, and wheelchairs represent helplessness. Over 6.5 million seniors in America are diagnosed with some form of depression.

Further, there is an "alone crisis" among the senior citizen population in the U.S. today...

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