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Matt Smith, co-founder of Speak 2, joins United We Age Board

RELEASE: Matt Smith, co-founder of Speak 2, joins United We Age Board of Directors.                                                                   


VERO BEACH, FLORIDA (February 13, 2024)—United We Age is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization serving the senior citizen population, and is pleased to announce that Matt Smith, co-founder of Speak 2, is joining its board of directors.

“We are pleased to have someone of Matt’s expertise and background join our board,” said David Lereah, President of United We Age. “His company, Speak2 has been a major player in the senior living space. Matt will provide needed professional guidance as United We Age looks to expand its reach this year and beyond.”

United We Age is a volunteer-driven organization based in Florida with an affiliate in North Carolina. The organization’s mission is to provide support for older adults facing challenges due to aging, and to offer solutions to seniors facing the mental challenges of aging.

“I’m excited to join the United We Age board of directors,” said Matt Smith. “I look forward to aligning my technology background with the mission of lifting the ecosystem of caregivers and the aging population. This has been a great relationship and I’m honored to officially be part of UWA.”

A driving force for joining the board is the initiation of the “Lifestyle Activities Program”. Smith’s company, Speak2, has created an online tool for anyone working with seniors, but particularly those that are creating activities, events, and other content. “We wanted to create a safe place for people to share their ideas, content, and printable materials,” Smith said. “By making this program free on the United We Age website, we hope everyone can spend less time searching for and designing programs and content, and more time on other things, including giving themselves back some time.” The free tool, called Prntyr, is easy to sign up and use, and can save a lot of time.

Matt Smith is an experienced entrepreneur in the healthcare and software space. He cofounded Speak2, an Age Tech software company inspired by his mom, who has macular degeneration and difficulty using modern apps. He began is career as a developer in investment banking and found himself enamored by the world of technology. His software expertise and unique ability to ideate and drum up solutions are a powerful combination. Born and raised, he’s a true New Yorker. He loves competing in any sort of race, eating dark chocolate, and listening to his never-ending podcast/audiobook list. He has a ton of recommendations.

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