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Staying on Top of Technology for Seniors- Why It's Important

by Andrea Needham of

Technology is one of those things we sometimes have a love a hate relationship with. Ask the youth if they can live without technology, and you'll probably hear a resounding 'no.' As for those in the older age bracket, technology can seem like more of a curse than a blessing. Nonetheless, technology is something that we have to keep up with no matter what stage of life we're in because it is the way the world is heading - collectively. That said, here are some of the best examples of technological apps and devices for seniors and their benefits, presented to you in the article below by United We Age.

Laptops and tablets

Anyone who's anyone these days owns either a laptop or a tablet to do their daily work. However, when choosing a laptop or tablet in your senior years, it might look a bit different from your traditional desktop or laptop. In addition to this, many of these types of devices can be heavier to transport or carry and can be more technical to set up and operate.

Chromebooks, however, are a worthwhile option for seniors looking for a laptop that is more portable, has a longer battery life, and is less susceptible to viruses (which can definitely help if you're not that tech-savvy and don't know much about hacking, phishing and the like).

Some might say Chromebooks are a simpler version of the laptop with less complicated programs to get the hang of. That said, it is still expensive and should be looked after properly. And is why you should invest in a protective cover for your new device, whether it be a Chromebook or tablet, or other, to keep it in mint condition for years to come.

Other devices that a senior might want to look into getting to make life simpler include:

The Jitterbug Flip 2

This handy flip phone is ideal for seniors due to its simple functionality and a handy urgent response button that they can quickly press should they require assistance urgently. Besides accessing medical assistance quickly, the Jitterbug 2 flip phone makes catching up with friends and family a more straightforward and more convenient process.

Software that makes video chatting easier

Installing software such as Zoom, Skype, and WhatsApp onto mobile, laptop, and tablet devices also helps keeping in touch with family and friends much easier. In addition to this, this software is also relatively simple to learn and operate.

Pill dispensers and medicine reminders

Automatic medicine reminders are also one of those genius must-have devices that most seniors would do well to have, especially if you are on chronic medication. Tabsafe is a device that can assist seniors in reminding, dispensing, and monitoring medication usage. Tabsafe is another convenient, user-friendly device that can make senior living much more manageable.

Health management systems

Routine checks have never been easier for seniors using some of the devices from Philips Telehealth Solutions. For example, devices to check one's blood sugar levels or blood pressure can help seniors feel more self-efficient and empowered, knowing that they can take care of these basic needs themselves rather than feeling totally dependent on others.

Nutritional guides and fitness resources

Nutritional guides come in handy, especially for seniors who might not have the resources to maintain a well-balanced diet. Free apps like Simple Meal Reminder can help seniors maintain a healthier diet and lifestyle. Additionally, fitness tools such as the classic Wii Fit can assist seniors in keeping fit all from the comfort of their own homes. Activity trackers, be they apps or wearables, are also excellent options for seniors; phone apps and fitness trackers can help them keep up with how much they’re exercising or how many steps they’ve taken in a single day. However, it's always important to consult with a doctor before starting a new exercise regime.

A simplified lifestyle

In conclusion, technology has many benefits despite it being a bit confusing and even a little frustrating at times. When used correctly, technology can enhance your life for the better, especially as one gets older and we might need the extra assistance.

by Andrea Needham of

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