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The primary goal of our Stay in Touch© program is to open lines of communication through the use of intuitive electronic devices for the senior population who are disenfranchised from family and friends, especially during today's coronavirus pandemic. Our program creates an opportunity for seniors to be in constant contact with persons of interest in their daily lives with voice activation and video interface. SIT offers seniors a unique way to embrace internet technology naturally on a daily basis to reach out and explore what the world has to offer them. 

This program is no longer run by UnitedWeAge.   

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Many older adults struggle with adopting new technologies for communication and information gathering. Access to the internet can greatly improve their lives, providing enhanced communication, online entertainment, and convenient tasks like bill payment and banking. Unfortunately, a significant portion of seniors face obstacles such as financial constraints and intimidation towards learning new technology. To address this technology gap, United We Age has launched the Stay in Touch© (SIT) program.


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The primary goal of Stay in Touch© is to facilitate communication for seniors who are isolated from family and friends, especially during the pandemic. By utilizing intuitive electronic devices with voice activation and video interfaces, SIT enables seniors to stay in constant contact with their loved ones and explore the world. The program leverages Amazon's Alexa™ cloud-based voice service, providing Echo Show devices at no cost to seniors in need through donations, and offering a UWA quantity discount for financially capable seniors.

SIT Program

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SIT offers voice-activated devices, specifically Amazon's Echo Show™, along with installation and ongoing guidance from volunteers. This initiative aims to introduce older adults in the United States to the enriching possibilities of technology, allowing them to communicate from their residences or care facilities. Partnering with Speak2, United We Age enhances these devices with senior-friendly features.

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