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Our Programs

Ignite a transformative movement that fosters heightened awareness and unwavering support for individuals of all generations as they journey through the aging process.

Create an unyielding commitment to ensuring that each person facing a decline in their quality of life, attributable to the natural progression of aging, is embraced by a robust social support network, particularly those who find themselves living in solitary circumstances.

Break down the barriers imposed by age, enabling seniors to actively engage in the vast realm of the online world, thereby facilitating their seamless integration into the digital landscape.

Champion an inspirational movement capable of instigating profound shifts in societal beliefs and attitudes, propelling the United States towards becoming an age-friendly nation that wholeheartedly embraces the value and potential of every individual, regardless of their age.


Our Stay in Touch© program offers voice-activated technology devices and initial set up/installation and ongoing guidance from volunteers, featuring Amazon’s Echo Show™, to the senior population residing in the United States. Learn more


Aging in Place

Falls are a leading cause of emergency room visits amongst adults 65 and older.  UWA seeks to reduce the staggering number of falls that occur in and around homes each day.  Paxton Home Services is an arm of UWA and is based in Clayton, NC.  Led by Robert Paxton, his team of caring experts strives to make any home safer by eliminating and/or fixing trip hazards, improving lighting conditions and educating Seniors on what to look for while "aging in place" in their own homes.  Paxton Home Services is also available to help set up a service in your area.  Please contact us to find out how we can help. Learn More


Lifestyle Activities Program

Our goal is to provide a safe place for senior living staff to share their content, ideas and materials so they can spend less time typing and more time doing other things, including time for themselves. Learn More



Our Friends for Seniors program offers seniors in need, social support. The program is designed to befriend an older person who lacks meaningful social support (e.g., family/friends) and sprinkle kindness throughout the year. Learn More


 Support Groups

United We Age support groups include United We Age Connect and United We Age Circle. Learn More


Positive Aging Messaging

Welcome to our Positive Messaging Hugs for Seniors program, a place to celebrate aging with virtual hug to brighten your loved one’s life. Learn More

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