Are You Prepared to Grow Old?

How Prepared are you to Grow Old?

Many of us over 50 are now experiencing the challenges of aging and it is a journey that becomes more difficult with time as serious physical and mental decline threatens our quality of life. If you are like most people, you’re not really prepared for what’s coming.

If you are diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, are you emotionally prepared to battle and endure? If your knees fail, are you prepared to use a walker? Do you have the confidence to wear a hearing aid in public? Are you too vain to handle the onset of wrinkles and age spots on your face? Are you mentally prepared to say goodbye to your youthful appearance forever?

So, how prepared are you to age and grow old? There is no stopping Father Time; he wins every time. Will you age gracefully; or like many people, will you experience bouts of anxiety and depression throughout your senior years? And in a society filled with ageism and forever young attitudes, will your self-esteem decline as you feel more and more distant from society?

Let’s find out by taking this “Are You Prepared to Grow Old” quiz. Discover your preparedness level and then learn how to modify your lifestyle to improve your score and live a more joyful life in your senior years.