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One of the greatest challenges for older adults is to make use of new technologies that facilitate communication and information gathering. Having access to the internet changes lives for the better. People who use technology have discovered a variety of ways in which their lives are enhanced, easier, and even more fun. Whether it's better communication with family and friends, online games, online groups specific to their community, or easier bill paying and banking, technology is becoming a part of all of our lives.

Unfortunately, many older people facing financial, health or social challenges, have little access to the internet. Of 46 million seniors living in America today, 50 percent do not own a smartphone, and 33 percent of people 65 and over do not use the internet at all. Further, millions of older adults in need cannot afford to purchase today's technology to access the internet. Many are also too intimidated to learn something new and are terrified by the learning process.

To bridge this technology gap, United We Age has an initiative-- Stay in Touch©, SIT.

The Stay in Touch© program offers voice-activated technology devices and initial set up/installation and ongoing guidance from volunteers, featuring Amazon's Echo Show™ device, to the senior population residing in the United States. The program offers older adults a window into how technology can enrich their lives, providing them the opportunity to communicate from their place of residency and/or care facility. United We Age has partnered with Amazon's Business Partner, Speak2, to offer more senior-friendly features on these devices.

The primary goal of our Stay in Touch© program is to open lines of communication through the use of intuitive electronic devices for the senior population who are disenfranchised from family and friends, especially during today's coronavirus pandemic. Our program creates an opportunity for seniors to be in constant contact with persons of interest in their daily lives with voice activation and video interface. SIT offers seniors a unique way to embrace internet technology naturally on a daily basis to reach out and explore what the world has to offer them. 

Our SIT program utilizes the Alexa™ Amazon cloud-based voice service available on millions of devices from Amazon. The program offers Echo Show devices at no cost to seniors in need (via donations), while offering Echo Show devices to financially able seniors at a UWA quantity discount.

Join us to Stay In Touch©

One Echo Show Device …... $150       Two Echo Show Devices…….…... $300


Three Echo Show Devices.…$450        Four Echo Show Devices …….$600


Six Echo Show Devices.……...$900    Eight Echo Show Devices……….......$1200     


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