Research & Education

United We Age seeks to establish a Research & Education Foundation that will:

  • Conduct surveys and research to assess the effects of societal forever young sentiment on senior citizen life.

  • Conduct research that investigates the correlation between social support and quality of life/life expectancy.

  • Conduct a grassroots initiative designed to increase awareness of aging among all generations of people through social education. The aim is to raise awareness of underlying ageism in the community and how it contributes to a negative view of older people. We will encourage younger generations to join support networks.

  • Develop education curriculum and programs to teach/train aging people how to deal with and manage the marks of aging (e.g., hearing loss, cancer, mobility loss). We train people how to be doctors, lawyers and construction workers, but we do not train people how to grow old.


  • Develop educational programs to expose younger generations to the plight of people aging so they can better relate and be more supportive to aging people.

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United We Age, Inc.

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