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Neighbors Program

United We Age Neighbors is a community-based program that makes a difference in residents’ lives under the notion of residents helping other residents facing the challenges of aging.



United We Age works with communities across the nation to establish a Neighbors program. The program is run by the community’s homeowner’s association, or a local organization dedicated to seniors, but with UWA materials, guidance, and equipment donations.



Our mission is to offer individualized support to residents through the efforts of dedicated volunteers. As we age, there will be more and more residents in the community that might find themselves in need of support in some way. Residents will have access to a communications network to either volunteer or request services.

What we offer

Those struggling with aging, who might be anxious, stressed, sad, or depressed, will have access to a supportive group of peers.


Our Neighbors program helps communities address quality of life issues due to aging. Here are some of the services offered:


Access to equipment: wheelchairs, walkers, commodes, shower seats, etc.


Community help: wellness checks, run errands, get well cards, birthday and holiday gifts, meals, etc.


Support groups: for seniors to share their feelings, worries, and everyday problems about aging.


Handyman services: to help seniors age in place (repairs, smart tech, etc.

Residents participating in the Neighbors program join the United We Age family at no cost. Donations are always welcome.

Please contact us if you would like a neighbors program in your community.

Join our Family

Stay connected with our community.


Make a tax deductible donation‏.


Volunteer your time to help seniors

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