Friends for Seniors

There is an alone crisis among the senior citizen population in the United States today. Quality of life and even life expectancy suffers tremendously for older people and people stricken with life-threatening disease living alone and lacking social support (i.e., a spouse, family member or caring friend). In the case of a life-threatening disease like cancer, social support (e.g., spouse) matters more than chemotherapy, studies suggest. Access to a social support network improves quality of life and life expectancy.

Almost 30 percent (12.5 million) of noninstitutionalized older people (65+) live alone in the U.S. today. Almost half of older women (46%) age 75+ live alone. Many of these seniors reported income at or near poverty levels.

Our Friends for Seniors program offers seniors in need, social support. The program is a giving experience to make an older person's life more special. The program is designed to befriend an older person who lacks meaningful social support (e.g., family/friends) and sprinkle kindness throughout the year. The program allows us to bring a personal touch to seniors by directly providing them with some outside friendly contact as well as birthday and holiday cards, gifts (e.g., clothing and toiletries) and other essentials to let them know they are not forgotten and alone. For seniors living alone in their own homes/apartments, our goal is to help them with simple chores such as taking them grocery shopping and to doctor appointments. Giving is based on donations; $50 sponsors one senior per year.

  • Our purpose is to spread cheer and kindness to senior citizens in need throughout the year

  • We offer a giving experience to make a senior citizen's life more special

  • A nursing home or long-term care's staff satisfies needs, while our program satisfies a senior's wants

  • The program offers seniors birthday and holiday cards, needed gifts from a wish list (e.g., clothing, slippers), and toiletries and other essentials during a calendar year

United We Age launched the Friends for Seniors program in 2018. In our community (Southeast Florida), there are thousands of seniors residing in long-term care facilities and/or small rundown apartments/homes who have little or no social support. Without family or friends visiting throughout the year, these seniors experience diminished self-worth, anxiety, and depression, resulting in a lower quality of life and shorter life-expectancy.

We currently are serving 51 seniors at Life Care Centers of America in Port St Lucie, Florida and hope to serve 500 seniors in the Treasure Coast of Florida within one year.

You can help by participating in our Adopt a Senior program. For every $50 donation we receive, United We Age will select senior(s) on your behalf and ensure that the individual(s) receive support throughout the year.

To contribute to the Friends for Seniors program, please donate $50 or more by using the donate button. If you want us to select a senior(s) on your behalf, please email us your name and email address and amount donated to Thank you so much for your generosity.